Disrupt or be Disrupted

Times are changing quickly. There have been disruptions in business models and technology and management thinking struggles to keep pace with society. Business has labeled issues with grab words “Change Management”, “Diversity” and “Inclusion” but they have been relegated to well intentioned side projects and have not changed organisational DNA. Like many innovation projects, they are incubated from core business.

Brain Science has come to the fore and is significantly illustrating how we need to optimise and communicate successfully in the workforce. Old practices die hard but we need to aquire a new leadership mindset.

Men, especially older men (Baby Boomers), have been shaped by their roles, past expectations and their success. This has lead to inflexibility, and a risk averse approach to leading real change, change that is disruptive and decidedly different and meets the current reality of the ambiguous, complex and unpredictable environment in which we do business.

A manual shifting of gears is required. Autopilot thinking and behaviour are commonplace particularly with the ageing workforce. Autopilot is redundant, even disabling - to the point that it is hard to start a meaningful change conversation or even “get the right people in the room”.

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