Whatever you do - don't tell HR!

When you have been around for a little while you would have heard this said. Then they see you (the HR representative), and scurry away or change the topic. In many organisations HR lacks credibility and is often seen as an impediment to getting the job done and sorting things out quickly.

Unfortunately too many HR processes have become lengthy, troublesome, and wrapped up with risk managment and compliance issues. Unfortunately this comes at a cost, both to the business and HR.

Now there are certainly times when a little calmness and correct process can help manage some situations better, but there are also times when a little brevity or just keeping out of the way can be very beneficial. "Let the cobblers do the cobbling" is a truism that sometimes need trumpeting.

It is also one of the confusions promulgated by HR teams that lack savvy, expertise and self awareness to be able to distiguish themselves and the variety of roles they play and the rules they play them by. No wonder business people get scared to go to HR. They are not sure how long their request will take, what expertise the HR department truly has in this area (as opposed to saying it has) and whose side are they on? Sometimes HR should be pushing for more leadership and risk taking and not always assuming the low risk position, or letting the business assume they are always there to minimise risk. Leave that for the Auditors.

HR leaders need to ensure they have an extensive kit bag of skills and positions they can eloquently adopt and display, Let the executive team take on the risk and wear it and not blame HR. It is hard for HR to play a role in leadership if they have already assumed the role of corporate undertaker and gravedigger. To learn more about positioning your role and building your HR reputation contact us at hrmcoach.com.au.


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