Message to all HR Practitioners

What are the biggest issues facing your workplace today?

HR usually seeks permission from the business leaders to prioritise and support its initiatives. Is this wise or a self-survival mechanism?

Shouldn’t HR be making those key decisions, or rather OD?

Or have the OD departments been retrenched?

And we then turn to the compliance officers, the HR administrators, often people in the junior stages of their careers, trying in vain to influence the senior leaders.

It a bit like asking for the car keys, you might get them but you may not be in control.

Choosing what initiatives to pursue is not an exact science. There is no algorithm. It's not chemistry. What’s vital to some may be near irrelevant to others, particularly if there is no real strategy. ‘Get the fundamentals right’ might sound like good common sense, but that’s not everyone’s job and often depends on expensive systems being rolled out.

Other specialists with initiatives will be left with their hands in their pockets – doing very little.

Are these decisions to be left in the hands of committees and executive groups who have little to no understanding of the complexity of the issues and just want to soldier on through their busy agendas?

It helps if you think that the decisions are of low importance anyway, before they get back to the main game, trying to deal with the inadequacies of their budget and the impossibilities of their targets.

Where is the balance in this system?

Where is the continuous improvement?

Who is in control?

Would you like to have better control of your job, more energy and creativity necessary to get the important things done?

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