Meet The Team


Our team at hrm coach is made up of experienced HR practitioners who have the specialist insights gained from many years working across many business sectors and industries. Moreover, the advantage they bring as independent coaches enables them to really tell you 'how it is' and not dance around the issues as your performance manager might. Working in HR quickly becomes a politicised activity where there is often an incredible power imbalance between experienced business leaders and more junior, less experienced professionals trying to make their way in their careers only to find expectations don't add up to their reality. Our seasoned coaches will help you address that imbalance.

Tim Draffen 

Co-Director & Coach


I have worked in a number of senior HR roles and can tell you that there are many issues for which most HR professionals are unprepared. HR is often seen as an impediment by many business leaders and largely viewed as a compliance / operational function. The concept of HR as vital to the performance and the future direction of the business has not been embraced by many organisations. In fact, over the last few years, many HR roles have been rationalised. This is not always the case as some leading and progressive orgainsations have pushed HR to the front and centre of their strategic growth activities. Let me help you to become one of the latter. 

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Gavin Sharp

Co-Director & Coach


Over 20 years as a Consultant Psychologist operating predominantly in small to medium businesses, I have always had close working relationships with HR Directors/Managers. I have advised, coached and trained HR professionals in an array of topics ranging from establishing HR as a credible profession to working with HR Managers to maximise working relationships with CEOs, CFOs etc. I have helped HR Managers in moving through their career and assessing their strengths and blind spots and helping the HR Manager to be a coach for their staff.  

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Greg Halse 

Co - Director & Coach


I cut my "HR teeth" in the mining, banking and hospitality industries in South Africa. The political, social and commercial contexts was a baptism of fire for a fresh HR graduate. Importantly it taught me about what really matters in organisations - respect; relationships and a belief in the human spirit. These principles transferred comfortably to Australia 20 years ago and allowed me to develop a hands-on HR generalist career in the Australian context.

I have been consulting and coaching on HR matters for the last 15 years. I understand the realities of HR, the challenges and the enormous opportunitites facing our profession. This perspective together with my CCL coaching qualifications allows me to add real value as an HR Coach.

M: 0412 022 874  


Julie Hyne 

Chief Style Advisor


I have worked with many senior executives helping them achieve a professional look that sets them apart. Success and dressing for success go hand in hand. I offer expertise and valuable informed feedback and have a range of services to assist you in building and managing your look and wardrobe. It never ceases to amaze me how good things happen to my clients who have made the decision to invest in their appearance. If you think there is no such thing as executive style, think again. HR Coach can help you put the style into your substance.