Our Offerings


Our primary service is coaching HR Managers for the new business environment.

HR programs typically teach the technical elements and basic understandings of people management. HRM Coach goes well beyond the fundamentals and helps you understand and practice the really important and much harder aspects of the role such as the ability to make a real difference in helping shape the organisation and preparing it for sustainable high level performance. 

Strategic Planning


Sometimes you can feel like you are swimming against the tide. So many opportunities yet so many things getting in the way and slowing you down.


The ability to establish and manage a strategic plan and mindset is so crucial in HR. But the need to be fluid and agile are more important in HR than just about any other aspect of the business. The traditional yearly plan may be out of date before you even get to turn at the half way mark.


New skills are needed. Times have changed. Design thinking and Agile planning have taken over. If you want to remain relevant and build your reputation as a value added service, perhaps you need to 'change your stroke'.


Executive Coaching


All our team are experienced coaches and HR mentors. The world of HR has changed in the last 5 years with executives not valuing HR as highly as it should be. This has HR struggling for an identity with many questioning the strategic directions of their business.


Coaching will get you back into the middle lanes where the action is faster and hotter, and keep you from languishing in the outside lanes.



Learning about the "Four Rooms of Change'
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