Frequently Asked Questions



 01  I'm an HR Manager. I organise coaches.  Do I need one too?
As you know, coaching can be a personal decision. The benefits of coaching are well documented - so we don't need to tell you what they are. But just in case you would like some research to back up the benefits of coaching - one study demonstrated that coaching is the preferred learning development tool of choice for senior executives and CEOs, with 83 per cent of organisations looking to make use of coaching.Think about when, as an HR Manager, you have made a referral for coaching. You are making a professional decision on a colleague's behalf. Should you think about coaching for yourself too? This is one FAQ that we think you can honestly answer yourself!



 02  How can you help me?

With a combined 70 years in both direct and indirect HR roles, hrm coach knows what it is like to hold senior HR roles. hrm coach have all had coaches themselves over the years. We know how coaching has benefited us. We strongly believe that coaching should challenge currently held beliefs and paradigms. The tried and true might be the best way forward, however we ensure we ask the questions to test your thoughts. In the end, you will have the answers, not us. But without these conversations, you may not get the answers you need.




 03  Do you have a point of difference?

Yes, hrm coach has been created to fill a need in the market we have recognised, namely, how to build influence in the business and ensure the HR function is not relegated to a sub-optimal position working mostly on operational and low value add initiatives. Although HR as a discipline has evolved with many value added initiatives, businesses still fail or choose to ignore these capabilities and prefer to see HR in a largely administative, operational and transactional role. There are many reasons for this, some of which are peculiar to Australia. hrm coach recognises these constraints and helps HR Managers build their organisation's appetite and understanding of the benefits skilled practitioners can provide. To do this, skills in influencing, business understanding and leadership are required, and this is the domain in which hrm coach operates.




 04  How successful are we?

Our coaches come with tremendous experience and know what works and what doesn't. The issues faced by HR Practitioners are well known to us and the steps, strategies and skills required enable us to help and have real impact.




 05  How long does it usually take?

hrm coach offers a range of support and coaching packages to suit the needs of many people, Some people choose to have the ongoing packages that are renewed annually, The 10 session package is of real value and popular as it builds depth of understanding, key skills and a level of support over an agreed time period which encourages accountability and builds momentum.