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Build Your Profileoiurofile

If you are not careful you may find that your organisation, and the people you work with, will keep enlisting you for a wide range of so called HR related activities. The problem is, what looked like you being helpful, may end up with you being a dumping ground for other people's odd jobs and special administrative projects. This will not be to your advantage or advancment of HR as a strategic partner. '

Manage The Politics 

You might be good at helping other people sort their political issues, but how good are you at managing the politics of your role and your teams? 

Even at a mid level, HR becomes a political player and this grows with seniority.


How well do you manage the politics that surround you and your role? We can help you in this area.



Leadership Development
Not only is this a significant must have HR capability, but you will also need to develop your own skills as a leader.
To be successful in a senior HR role you must be seen as a leader and have built a team of followers and supporters. This will not happen if you are overly directive and do not have a broad and mature skill set.